Company Profile

AA Gold Company Ltd. was established in 2006. Since its beginning, the company is devoted to trading with precious metals. Its business operations have been carried out mainly in Slovakia and other countries in European Union. In 2010 an investor from Dubai has entered the company and our business activities expanded to countries in United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Investment Gold & Silver

The company engages with wholesale of bullion coins. Bullion coins are the best option of saving and appreciating finance. In the long term, gold, silver and other metals represent the steadiest appreciation alternative for your capital. Prices on global markets are balanced and rise in the long term.

Gold & Silver Blanks

Upon a client’s request, the company makes also blanks for the production of all kinds of medals.


In 2013, the company began to respond to the clients’ requests and initiated manufacturing of medals and plates according to clients’ specific requirements. We can produce a single piece medal just as we can deliver mass production.

Recycling of scraps

The company also engages with repurchase of scrap gold. If so agreed with the client, we can refine such scrap gold and return it in the form of pure metals or repurchase it, from the client, in the form of scrap.

Pure Gold

Gold is the most popular investment of all the precious metals. For more than five thousand years, gold has served as a stable store of property value.


AA GOLD Company s.r.o.
Bajkalská 9/B
83104 Bratislava

Tel: +421-949-48-47-46

Company reg. no: 36 718 858
VAT ID: SK2022298641


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